Hotels Solution is an leading Hotels and Resorts Consultant in india, provides a complete hotel automation from setting up your business, to scaling up your operations, making you targets, seizing the hospitality market “Hotel Solution” are attuned  to address your specific business demands. Using our expertise we help build profitable ventures from the ground up and revitalize existing businesses into fresh market capitalizing operations. We provide far-reaching results through unrivalled hospitality intelligence to help your company outperform the competition. From market research, strategic planning, operational management, brand building to customer management and a host of other key services we work with a variety of clients across the hospitality spectrum. Our services have consistently made a positive difference in the business performance of several hotels, resorts, private clubs, restaurants, bars, spas and catering canteens. If you run a hospitality business and are looking to maximize your business, give us a call and help us to help you see the difference.

How will we do it

With our awesome technology, we have sorted the problems of many small & budget properties. We analyzed that only the 5 star properties are engaged in online bookings, but not the budget segment. So, we launched our user-friendly Business Module on Leasing, Managing, Pre- Opening and Online Marketing being vast experience in

We specialize in drafting an effective manpower budget and implementing recruitment practices. We offer job related training and would provide duties and responsibilities to all employees. We also introduce effective employee retention policies

We implement hospitality best accounting, practices which would enable the organization to monitor the financial figures and simultaneously save substantial costs. This practice ensures a peace of mind for the promoter.

We have developed a comprehensive dashboard that depicts the essential information at glance. We have a great belief in the well-drafted MIS, this would help the management to understand and analyze the real-time financial position of the organization

In the era of online guest reviews, reputation is everything. We would assist you in improving your review scores structurally by effectively managing guest feedback and setting up internal procedure to increase guest satisfaction.

We strongly believe that effective periodic auditing is mandatory for every successful organization. Our periodic audit report will give detailed insights about the systems and practice prevalent in the organization and the variance of the same, with best practice corrective action.

We assist the client in understanding the model and in identifying a favorable location. Various parameters are analyzed during the process in order to yield optimum efficiency from the site.

We maintain a strong liaison with the Architect and have a step-by-step approach to facilitate smooth project execution and management. We advise on best practices for MEP and energy efficient techniques with long-term benefits to the promoter.

In order to maintain operational efficiency, we advise on the implementation of the Preferred Vendor Program. This program is designed to improve the Vendor Loyalty and avoid the impact of price fluctuation during procurement.

Our module for the property owners has been exclusively developed to train the top management. Our dashboards of key result areas guide the owners to understand the real time development of the business. Owners are trained to study the critical factor that compliments the business and the anchors that hinder the growth of the business.

We scientifically study the market and analyze the foretasted revenue and expenditure for your esteemed organization. Based on which we prepare a long term and short-term budget.

Through a series of proven techniques we will optimize the financial results of your organization; Key actions would be evaluation of competitor, benchmarking of annual rate, adopting a market segment, setting strategic prices for MICE business.

We partner with your company to transform your business and help you take advantage of the myriad of opportunities on the web. From concept to design and development, we make ideas come to life.

We implement systematic practices in purchase and procurement as per the international hospitality standards. We specialize in optimizing inventory and reducing working capital in the process

We formulate a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis to understand the position of the project in the market, based on which we devise a plan to enhance the strengths and shadow the weakness. Also, by understanding the opportunity and threat we keep the client prepared.

In consultation with the promoter and the architect, we devise a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the product and service. All marketing strategies would be focused on the USP to yield best results.

Based on the comprehensive trend analysis developed, we suggest the pricing for the various points of revenue. The Pricing Structure Plan is a long term pricing policy that factors in the various market conditions. The pricing is further compartmentalized as opening pricing, optimum pricing, desired pricing.

The operational audit is a detailed study of the entire hotel categorically to identify the efficiency of the process and reduce redundancy. The operational audit is performed in both the guest areas and the back areas. It is performed department wise so as to improve overall operations. In many cases this has resulted in substantial cost reduction.

The Guest Experience Audit is ideally a mystery audit. This audit is developed to understand the experience of a guest from pre-reservation to post-checkout. This allows us to identify areas that require critical attention. This audit is Guest Point-of-View (POV) Audit and focuses solely on studying and understanding the experiential effect on the guests.